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4 Considerations before Buying a Safe for Your Home

4 Considerations before Buying a Safe for Your Home

To ensure that your valuables remain optimally protected from theft and fire, it's wise to install a safe in your home. When trying to decide which type of safe will provide the best fit for your needs and budget, you can consult a reputable industry professional for expert advice. Here are four things to consider before purchasing a safe for your home.

Storage Needs

Certain safes are designed to store certain things and you'll want to buy a safe that is meant to house the particular items that you need to safeguard. Burglary safes have complicated locking mechanisms and thick steel and are great for storing currency over an extended period of time. Jewelry safes are designed for easier accessibility, while still providing strong protection from thieves. There are many different types of gun safes, and their dimensions vary for the size of the arsenal and whether you just need to store handguns or also need to store shotguns and rifles. Some gun safes also provide space to store other valuables, such as currency or important documents.


Safes range greatly in price, with the costs being determined by factors including size, fire rating, thickness of steel, and lock type. Common home safes range in price from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. While larger safes typically cost more, it's worth bearing in mind that you may need to add more possessions to it down the road, and it's generally more economical to buy one larger safe now instead of an additional smaller one later.

Fire Resistance

When investing in a safe, you want to make sure that it won't quickly succumb to fire and allow your possessions to be destroyed by the flames. It's generally recommended to purchase a safe that has at least a 1-hour fire rating, but it's best to invest in a safe that has a 2-hour rating if you want to give documents and cash a stronger chance of surviving a house fire.

Water Resistance

If your home floods, you're going to be thankful that you invested in a water-resistant safe. Water-resistant document safes are great for storing passports, social security cards, and birth certificates.

If you're interested in purchasing a home safe, be sure to get in touch with a reputable shop. For safe sales and service in Garland, Carrollton, Denton, Colleyville, Flower Mound, McKinney, and Dallas, TX, contact the experts at The Safe Company at (972) 779-9655. Feel free to give The Safe Company a call today so we can help you find the right safe for your family's needs and budget!

Posted: April 30, 2021