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4 of the World's Most Famous Safes

4 of the World's Most Famous Safes

From massive stacks of gold to priceless historical documents, many of the world's treasures are protected by heavily fortified safes. These safes tend to be so daunting that even the world's most daring and skilled thieves won't attempt breaking into them. Here's a look at some of the most famous safes in the world.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

More than $270 billion in gold bouillon is stored at New York's Federal Reserve Bank. This safe is 80 feet below ground and guarded by a team of elite security forces. The 90-ton steel door thoroughly protects over half a million bars of gold.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

In the event of massive environmental catastrophe, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault could turn out to be a lifesaver for humankind. Located in the remote Svalbard archipelago, this vault contains seeds for more than a half-million of the world's plant species. Its depth protects it from nuclear attack and its four imposing doors keep it safeguarded from thieves.

Fort Knox

At Fort Knox, the 500 tons of gold bullion are---to put it mildly---well guarded. While the Federal Reserve Bank of New York largely protects gold that belongs to other countries, Fort Knox safeguards a big portion of America's gold reserves. Even if you wanted to try to break into the safe, it's almost impossible to approach it, as its perimeter is protected by four fences, as well as a team of armed military guards. The safe itself features four-foot thick granite walls and 750 tons of steel. Among the staff, each person only knows a portion of the code. Since the vault fist started being used in 1935, no one has even attempted to rob it.

Granite Mountain

This is where the Mormon Church keeps its genealogical library. It's from here that family genealogy websites get their information. The Church's original documents are kept behind a door that can withstand a nuclear blast. The team of armed guards also helps with discouraging any burglary attempts.

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Posted: June 06, 2021