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Which Type of Safe Do I Need?

Which Type of Safe Do I Need?

Which Type of Safe Do I Need?While every safe has a common goal, to protect what's inside, there are several specialty functions of certain designs. Though there are some safes that can handle almost any protective duty, from fire, to floods, to theft, you may not need to go all out on your safe purchase, depending on what you're trying to shelter. Browsing these common safe types can help you answer the question, "What type of safe do I need?"

Fireproof Safe

One of the most common types of safes sold are fire protection safes. They generally have simple locks but are made of highly fire resistant materials, since the goal is to protect whatever is inside from fire, not necessarily theft. Fireproof safes are usually rated by the time they can withstand the hottest fire temperatures without melting, burning or allowing their contents to be damaged.

Burglary Safe

These types of safes are often used to house money, important documents and other expensive items that you do not wish to grant anyone access to. These safes tend to include intricate locks and are made of thick steel. Many are either hidden within a home or office or bolted to the ground. They are built to withstand prolonged attacks from even the most skilled burglars.

Gun Safe

A gun safe can either be fire and/or theft proof. They are specially designed to hold different types of firearms, including rifles, pistols, handguns and antique guns. Gun safety is a critical component of being a responsible gun owner. Nearly everyone who owns a gun and shares their home with others needs to have a gun safe.

Jewelry Safe

As the name suggests, a jewelry safe is designed to properly store and organize rings, necklaces and other pieces while preventing thieves from stealing the expensive wearables. They are often very fashionable and provide all the amenities of a regular jewelry box with added protection.

Deposit Safe

Generally used for business, a deposit safe features one or multiple lockboxes housed within a larger safe. Each interior lockbox will have exterior slots to allow for deposits of small items or money. These are great for apartment complexes in which tenants pay with cash or check, parking lot payments and many other businesses.

Of course, many safes offer multiple attributes, such as fireproof safes that are burglary proof too. Finding the perfect safe for your needs may take some research, but at The Safe Company, we can help you make the right choice. Our Garland safe store has a huge selection of residential and commercial safes, including gun safes, fireproof safes and jewelry safes. To learn more about our inventory of safes for sale in Garland, TX, please give us a call at (972) 779-9655 or visit our shop today.

Posted: January 4, 2021