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Gun Safes in Garland, TX Area - The Safe Company

Gun Safe Sales and Installations in the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

An integral part of being a responsible gun owner is practicing gun safety. Utilizing a gun safe is a great way to ensure your firearms are as protected as the people you share your home with. The Safe Company offers gun safe sales in Garland that cater to all types of firearms and weapons. With affordable pricing, in home delivery and installation available, you can rely on us to get you a gun safe that meets your needs and your budget.

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Gun Safe Sales

Gun SafesThe Safe Company is staffed by knowledgeable team members who can help you select the right gun safe to meet your specific needs and collection. With a huge inventory of gun safes for sale, we're sure to have the right one for you. Give us a call or visit our gun safe store to learn more about our current inventory.

Gun Safe Repair Service

If you own a gun safe that needs service, we can help. Our team provides onsite and inhouse gun safe repair and maintenance to make sure it continues to operate properly. This can include cleaning intricate parts, replacing worn components, and serving electronic locks as needed. To schedule gun safe service or gun safe repair near Dallas, please give us a call.

Gun Safe Delivery & Installation

Gun SafesWe offer in-home delivery and installation with each purchase for a small additional charge based on the weight and size of the selected safe, making gun safe ownership easier than ever. Our professional team will ensure that your safe is properly located in your home and that you fully understand its operation before they depart. Give us a call to learn more about gun safe installation near Dallas.

Champion Safes

Champion Safe offers customers the best value on the market today. Their Fire Protection Technology has been tested in the lab and proven in the home. The current design improvements include increased steel in the door and more door pry strength. Champion offers 5 levels of security & fire protection.

  • Crown Series - 3 sizes - 45-65 cu.ft., Body Steel-3/16", Door Steel- 2 layers 1/4"+10 ga., Fire Rating 2 Hours @1,750 Degrees F, weight 1,465-1,875 lbs.
  • Triumph Series - 6 sizes- 25-75 cu.ft., Body Steel 10 gauge, Door Steel- 2 layers 3/16+12 ga., Fire Rating 90 minutes @ 1,650 degrees F, weight 875-1,750 lbs.
  • Trophy Series - 5 sizes- 17-60 cu.ft., Body Steel- 11 ga., Door Steel- 2 layers 10ga.+14ga., Fire Rating 75 minutes @1,500 degrees F, weight 500-1,275 lbs.
  • Victory Series - 5 sizes- 15-45 cu.ft., Body Steel 11 ga., Door Steel- 2 layers 12ga.+14ga., Fire Rating 60 minutes @1,350 degrees F, weight 450-900 lbs.
  • Model T - 1 size, 21 cu.ft.,Body Steel 12 ga., Door Steel- 2 layers 12ga.+14ga., Fire Rating 60 minutes@1,325 degrees F

Getting to Know YouSafe Guard Safes

We also stock Champion "Safe Guard" gun safes. These safes earn top rating scores for their price range and include two layers of steel in the door and have a 60 minute, 1,200 degree fire rating.

Superior Safes

Gun SafesWhat we like about Superior safes, besides their great looks, is their massive construction features. These safes feature heavy duty construction, reinforced edges, heavy plate steel doors, external hinges, triple step doors, door mounted storage and fire ratings up to 1865ºF and 110-minutes. Superior offers four levels of security and fire protection.

  • Untouchable Series - 3 sizes- 45-65 cu.ft., Body Steel-1/4", Door Steel- 2 layers 1/2"+10 ga., Fire Rating 2 Hours @1,865 Degrees F, weight 1,775-2,300 lbs.
  • Supreme Series - 4 sizes- 35-65 cu.ft., Body Steel 3/16"(7ga.), Door Steel- 2 layers 3/8"+10 ga., Fire Rating 110 minutes@ 1,865 degrees F, weight 1,285-1,975 lbs.
  • Master Series - 5 sizes -17-75 cu.ft., Body Steel- 10 ga., Door Steel- 2 layers 1/4"+12ga., Fire Rating 90 minutes@1,650 degrees F, weight 875-1,750 lbs.
  • Regal Series - 4 sizes- 25-60 cu.ft., Body Steel 11 ga., Door Steel- 2 layers 3/16"+12ga.,Fire Rating 75 minutes @1,500 degrees F, weight 720-1,275 lbs.

Gun SafesRhino Metals Safes

Rhino Metal Safes are very well built safes and offer great value. Their "Iron Works" safes have a great old world look. We now have a nice selection of Rhino and Kodiak safes in stock. To learn more about our inventory of Rhino Metals, please don't hesitate to contact our local safe store or visit us at your earliest convenience.

American Security Safes

Getting to Know YouAmerican Security Safes - AMSEC has been making high security safes since 1948. They make over 60,000 safes per year using high standards for quality. Their gun safes utilize the same high standards for quality. The BFX Series safes are hard to beat. They feature an inner and an outer layer of body steel combined with a door thickness of 1/2" plate steel and a 2 hour fire rating. We always have a selection of the BF series in stock and if we don't have the one that you want we will be happy to order one for you, which usually takes 4-6 weeks.

New Amsec BFII series gun safes feature a heavier layer of inner steel for a total body steel thickness of 1/2". Combine that with a 1/2" thick plate steel door and a stronger door mechanism. The BFII safes are the same size as the BF safes however they are much heavier, we would custom order. Amsec now offers TL-15, TL-30 and TL-30x6 rated gun safes. See their website for more details. These are the ultimate gun safes.

RF6528 Gun Safe TL30 Rating

  • 3,355 lbs. 72"Hx35"Wx20"D - up to 26 long guns
  • 2 Hour Fire Rating

TL30x6 Rated (the ultimate gun safe)

  • RF582820x6 - 3,418 lbs., 64"Hx34"Wx29.25"D
  • RF703620x6 - 4,578 lbs., 76"Hx42"Wx29.25"D
  • 2 Hour Fire Rating

Browning SafesBrowning Safes

Our inventory of Browning Safes has something to meet everyone's needs. We encourage you to give our safe shop a call or visit us to learn more about our products and to schedule delivery and installation of your new safe. We only stock a few Browning Safes. However, we can custom order one for you at a great price. Call us today for details.

*We can change the locks to either a combination lock or an electronic lock

Graffunder Gun Safes

Graffunder Gun Safes

Kid Friendly Reception RoomEvery Graffunder safe is basically hand made to your specifications. They offer several levels of security. Please allow up to 14 weeks for delivery when ordering a Graffunder safe. To learn more about these great gun safes, please give us a call or visit our safe store.

  • Bishop Series - 1/4" plate body steel & 1/2" plate steel door (1,225 lbs - 2,340 lbs)
  • Castle Series - 1/2" plate body steel & 1" plate steel door (1,800 lbs - 3,600 lbs)
  • Emperor series - 1" body steel & 1-1/2" door steel (2,700 lbs - 5,400 lbs)
  • Fortress series - 1" body steel & 1-1/2" door steel (2,700 lbs - 5,400 lbs)

Graffunder General Features:

**1-1/4" Stainless Steel Bolts, Hardened-Steel Ball-Bearing plates protecting lock, randomly positioned Live Relockers both thermally & mechanically activated. Fortress Series also has additional anti-drill barriers; Carbide Chip Plates & Deflector Plates (which are available as options on the other series safes).Fire protection - Body has 1.5" of insulation with inner steel wall, door has high temperature heat and smoke seals plus a layer of insulating material.

Used Gun Safes

We have a rotating selection of used gun safes available from many of the brands listed above and others. We make sure that all used safes we sell are fully operational and ready to be put to use. A used gun safe is a cost effective option, so be sure to visit us to find out what we currently have in stock.

The Safe Company has a huge selection of gun safes for sale near Dallas at our gun safe store Garland, Texas at our local safe store. With something for everyone, we will make sure the cost of a gun safe meets your budget. Give us a call at (972) 779-9655 to learn more or please visit us to talk about what you'd like in a used or new gun safe.


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